Saturday, January 15, 2011


By now, you all know who this Delek character in my previous blog is. So let's call him by his name, Derek Leman. The "notorious" Derek Leman, as Judah likes to say.

Since birds of feather stick together, Derek usually likes to do the dirty work for another so-called "convert," Boaz Michael. Case in point, Derek's attack on Tim Hegg in his blog. You see, when FFOZ came out with their "divine invitation" doctrine, Hegg sought out to refute this bizarre teaching and wrote an article in which he just slam-dunks this doctrine. Since FFOZ could not refute Hegg's article theologically, exegetic ally or historically, they elected to so-called "remain above the fray," they announce that they will not discuss this anymore. But beneat this "holier than thou" facade, it is OK for them to use hired assassins, and Derek of course just wallows in that.

So this Derek, the "Jew," writes that he wanted to sit in the front row at Tim's seminar wearing a T-shirt that says: "Noah ate pork." Which amounts to the same thing as: "Jesus is a superstar." Both phrases can have a different interpretation, but Derek sticks to Noah and pork because with all the Judaism he acquired, his mindset is still of a Gentile Christian. But go tell him that....

Our lovable Derek is miffed at Hegg for "refuting the competition," as if on his own blogs (and he has about 38 of them, he has a lot of Jews to teach...) he embraces the competition every-single-time...Never mind of-course that the main theme of Hegg's conference was "identity, "Duhh," and was advertised as such, but Derek in his smartness wants to convince us that 200 people are just idiots for not understanding what they have spent their hard earned money for.

Derek writes about Hegg self serving, being completely blind to his own doing. I guess having 38 blogs is not at all self serving...Oh, well... Derek says that one-law gives people "pseudo-Jewish" identity. I wonder what kind of "pseudo" identity cutting his shwantzel gives him. (hey Derek, you are Jewish now, you must of course understand Yiddish, don't you? If not, then e-mail me, for a price I will help you).

More Derek:
"what is my complaint? well, it is that with all that is wrong in the world, with all that God wants us to do, be and know, when I speak to groups of people i don;t waste any of that precious time deconstructing others in order to built myself up."

Say what? you could have fooled me, and many others, self -righteous derek. all we need is to read your 38 something blogs to see how self promoting you are, so please stop playing Jacquelin Kennedy and come down to earth.

"I should point out, the attendance at Hegg's seminar gives an idea how small his constituency is."

one wonder how many "constituance" the first MJ seminar attrated, 13? 14? I gues Jesus had a large group behind him, right derek? All the theologians and scholars of the day where His supporters, right?

"If you have a viewpoint like Hegg's" you are isolated from the Jewish world becuae you don't have a meaningful definition of Jewish identity but instead replace Jews with Hebrew Root Christian in a new kind of supersasseionism the Church fathers never dreamed of."

Coming from one that would be kicked out down the steps from any Jewish Denomination he will try to be a member of, all because he of course has the right meaningful definition of what Jewish identity is. The Goy wants to tell us Jews how it is done, how do you likw them apples? Never mind that Derek did not take the time to try and really explore what Hegg is really teaching. But, then why work so hard? Everyone else in his circle is bashing Tim Hegg, why not jump on the bandwagon? But that is Derek's motto. He noisily defends BE when it is obvious he really did not study it.

Much air and no substance, this is Derek for you--עבד כי ימלוך -the slave becomes a king. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Disclaimer: Tim does not know that I am doing this. In a matter of fact, I asked him in an e-mail if he had seen derek's blog, I have never received a reply.

And a convert shall lead them part II

Once upon a time there was a nice Gentile Christian boy by the name of Delek. Every Sunday he went to church with his parents. He set proudly in the pew and tried to understand what was going on. He went to Sunday school with the rest of the kids, and learned how to pray to Jesus.

One Sunday on the way to Church with his folks, Delek saw a man walking. The man was dressed with black attire, had a long gray beard and glasses, and was wearing a black wide brim fedora. Right then and there, Delek made the most important decision of his young life, he wanted to be just like the man he saw. He begun searching and found out the man he saw was Jewish. "What is Jewish?" he asked himself. When it was explained to him what a Jew is he said to himself "wow, I want to be a Jew.

Years past, Delek grew up became a nice Christian man, and had a nice family. But the old dream to become Jewish was still on the top of his desires, so he set out to pursue his dream. To his chagrin, the first thing he was told was that in order to become Jewish he needs to drop Jesus. "No way" Delek said, "this I cannot do." He kept going from one Jewish denomination to another but to no avail, everywhere he went, he was told "you have to denounce "this man." As strong will as he was, Delek would not give up his dream, so he kept searching, and then he discovered Messianic Judaism. "Hey, those people believe in Jesus, this is the perfect home for me" he said to himself and dived into it hook, line and sinker.

Along the way there were some bumps. He was not allowed to make עליה לתורה - Going up to read from the Torah- it was only for Jews they told him. He was not allowed to wear Talit, Tzitzit, or a Kipah they told him. He is there to serve the Jewish people...All this can change if he will undergo conversion. In the beginning, Delek accepted the verdict, but as time passed he started to see himself not as sitting in the pews, he wanted to become a Rabbi. What a wonderful sound this title has, he thought. But there he encountered even a stiffer opposition. They told him that even though their denomination has Gentile Rabbis from past time, the new laws and regulation specifically state that if you are not Jewish you cannot become a Rabbi.

But that of course will not stop our Delek, heck, not with all leaders withing the denomination who are masquerading as Jews. "What got into those people?" He asked. So he went on a mission to find some Jewish organization that will convert him. Lo, and behold Delek found an organization who was consistent of 3 1/2 Rabbis who were willing to convert him. Never mind that his own denomination did not accept his "conversion," so were any other Jewish denominations and branches. Never mind that Delek's "conversion" papers are not worth the paper they were written on, Delek does not care. He is a Jew in his own mind, which of course is quite a small body of approval, don't you think so?

And then came the flood. Delek was convinced that his small mind approval will give him the authority to tell, us Jews, how to be Jews. He was sure that he was now authorized to teach the father how to make children. After all, he wanted to become Jewish from a young age, and in his small mind he is entitled to tell us what and what not to do. He is Jewish now, you see... They cut his shwantzel and POOF he is a Jew.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real Characters are purely co-incidental....And if you believe that, I have a beach front property in Arizona I can sell you.....

Will continue...