Monday, March 26, 2012

The Egyptian Gazette.

To honor the coming Passover, we decided to search the archives and we found a copy of the "Egyptian Gazette" from the time of the exodus.

                                                   THE EGYPTIAN GAZETTE

A miracle in the Red Sea...

"Just minutes before we were caught, the water split...."
The people of Israel are still trying to absorb the events of "Yam Suff," where the sea split in two and enable the multitude to escape the wrath of Pharaoh's army.
Moses: " Until the last minute, I believed."
Nachshon ben-Aminadav: "It was easier than swimming across the Nile."

The Egyptian people demand an investigative committee, and calls of the firing of 100's of Generals.


Thousand of Egyptian soldiers drowned in the red Sea...

Because of the spread of Vermin, all Kinder gardens are closed.  There is a growing fear for the closure of all schools.

A mother in the town of Pithom:  "My eldest son dies unexpectedly."  The Egyptian Police investigates the mysterious death of a 17 year old youth.  The investigation points to blood found on neighbors doorpost.

Weather report:

Hail throughout Egypt.  Sunny and clear in Goshen.


A new combination between a sausage and dough, created by Aaron the Sheff is the new hit in Egypt.  It is called "Moses in the Basket."  Aaron the High priest predicted that in the future it will take over throughout the world under the name: " Pigs in a blanket."


1) The insistence to build a golden calf will break all laws and regulations. Written by Yehoshua Ben-Noon.

2) Despite his difficulties in speaking, Moses is doing a great job leading the Israelites.  Written by Jetro the Midianite.

Anyone who has old Egyptian Gazette writings fro that time, please add on....

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