Friday, May 11, 2012

Some reminders

Reminders for some true facts.  It does not matter if you are Jewish or not.

1)  Israel became a nation in 1312 BC.

2) Arab refugees in Israel started to identify themselves as Palestinians in 1967, two decades after the modern state of Israel was formed.

3) After they conquered the Land in 1272 BC. the Jews ruled the Land for 1000 years and they have a running presence there for 3300 Years.

4) For more than 3300 years Jerusalem was the Jewish Capital; Citadel.  Jerusalem was never a capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.  Even the Jordanians, when they conquered Jerusalem, never made it their capital and no Arab leaders visited the city.

5) Jerusalem is mentioned more than 700 times in the Tanach and not even one time in the Koran.

6)  King David established Jerusalem--Muhammad never set foot in it.

7) Jews are praying facing Jerusalem, Muslims pray facing Mecca and if they are between Jerusalem and Mecca, then their face is toward Mecca and their behind is toward Jerusalem.

8)  In 1948 it was the Arab leaders who encouraged the Arabs to leave Israel when they promised to clean the Land from all Jews.  68% of them run away before they ever saw an Israeli soldier.

9) Jewish refugees was forced to escape Arabs lands for the fear of violent pogroms.

10) The Number of Arabs that left Israel in 1948 is estimated as 630,000.  The number of Jews who left the Arab countries is estimated the same.

11) The Arab refugees were not absorbed by the Arab nations, despite their vast amount of land.  Within the 100,000,000 refugees in the world post WWII, they are the only group that was never absorbed or assimilated in their lands.  on the other hand the Jewish refugees were all absorbed into Israel, a country the size of New Jersey.

12)  The Arabs have 8 nations-----Israel has only one.

13) The PLO's treaty is still calling for the destruction of Israel despite Israel relinquishing the Gaza Strip, most of the West Bank, gave them Autonomy under the Palestinian authority, and supplied them with weapons.

14) Under Jordanian rule sacred Jewish sites were pillaged and the Jews were not allowed access to them.  All the sacred Muslim and Christian sites were protected and have access to believers of all religions.

15)  The UN kept silence when they desecrated the ancient cemetery in the Mount of Olives.

16)  The UN kept silence when the Jews did not have access to the Kotel.

These are peril times.  Jew or not, truth and peace are international values.  What are we going to tell our grandchildren that we did, when there was  a turning point.

Let's stat doing something NOW!  Like educating people with these reminders.

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  1. This article from you Kevin is a Great was !!
    We share with you 100% with all the detais you mentioned in it!!G-d Bless you!